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Accounting, Certificate

Accounting, Certificate

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This Accounting, Certificate is an ideal starting point for anyone wishing to start a career in accountancy. The Accounting, Certificate is also useful for the people looking to start their own business and also for those who are already working as managers or admin staff and want to update their knowledge of Accounting . Accountancy is the art of communicating financial information about a business to its users like manager or shareholders. Comprehensive course units on this Accounting, Certificate take students from the basic accounting fundamentals to the various accounting concepts used by the accountants for keeping records of the capital expenditure of a company. Accounting helps businesses to measure, monitor and plan their operations. This is all done by the accountants who by recording, classifying and summarising data can tell how the business is performing financially. Good accounting practices and procedures are needed in every business. This accounting course helps you learn the core accounting practices involved in recording various details. From understanding debits and credits and using simple T-accounts to closing out the accounts at the end of an accounting period, producing the statement of retained earnings and balance sheet you will learn how each step is completed. Learning Outcomes On Accounting - Certificate course completion the learner should be able to; Understand core duties and responsibilities of an accountant Explore the roles, advantages and limitations of contemporary corporate accounting. Identify and describe the three basic forms of business organizations; Discuss four main types of financial statements; understand how to organize and record financial transactions; Outline the steps in the accounting cycle; Understand how to work with t-accounts and journals; Explain how to close out a set of accounts using a worksheet; Describe how to prepare a classified balance sheet; Course Syllabus This Accounting, Certificate consists of the following units: Unit 1 - Introduction to Accounting and Finance Unit 2 - Role of an Accountant Unit 3 - The Balance Sheet Unit 4 - Profit and Loss Accounts Unit 5 - Cash Flow Statement Unit 6 - Budgeting This self-paced programme is available 24/7 providing you with the flexibility to train at the pace, location and time of your choosing. Accredited certificate from Ofqual's registered awarding body is available on course completion. College registration, tutor support, course materials and additional supporting material are all included in the course fee

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