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Animal Healing and Communication Technique

Animal Healing and Communication Technique

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Course Overview Wouldn’t it be great if we could communicate better with our pets and understand how to read their emotions? What if we could heal our beloved four-legged friends using natural therapies like we do for ourselves? Well, all that and more is possible by learning from this best selling Animal Healing and Communication Technique ; This course explores the various methods of animal healing, introducing expert techniques for bonding with animals on a deeper level to take your animal communication skills to the next level. Not only will you learn how to read your pet’s body language, but you will also learn about animal energy systems, taking you through chakra balancing and aura healing methods used by experienced ; If you want to connect with animals on a higher spiritual level or become a qualified animal reiki practitioner, then enrol in this course today and learn all about animal healing and bonding! Learning Outcomes Become an expert animal reiki practitioner with our comprehensive training guide Discover different ways of connecting with animals and communicating with them on a deeper level Learn basic chakra and aura healing meditation techniques for beginners Know about the different methods of healing, including bach flowers and aromatherapy Follow the Spiritual Animal Healer’s Program to learn Reiki attunements for animals Know how to read animal body language and understand the emotions of your pets Understand the different approaches to animal communication and in which situations to apply them Kickstart a career working with animals with an industry-recognised qualification Assessment After completing all the modules of the course, your learning will be assessed by an automated multiple-choice question exam. You can participate in the Mock Exam prior to commencing the course completion Final Exam. Requirements Our Animal Healing and Communication Technique course are compatible with any kind of device. You will get the same experience in learning whether you are using Windows, Mac, a smartphone or tablet. You can access the course materials with any kind of connection, from anywhere, without any limitation. Career Path After finishing the course, you will be able to communicate with your pet better and help them heal. You will have a lucid understanding of the ins and out of Animal Healing and Communication. This accredited course can be the stepping stone to brighten up your career in the relevant job market. Course Curriculum Animal Healing and Communication AHC Lesson 1 – Introduction AHC Lesson 2 – When to Use & Methods AHC Lesson 3 – Ways of Connecting AHC Lesson 4 – Gestalt Walkthrough AHC Lesson 5 – Communication Walkthrough AHC Lesson 6 – Subtle Energies AHC Lesson 7 – The Aura AHC Lesson 8 – Methods of Healing AHC Lesson 9 – Animal Reiki Part 1 AHC Lesson 10 – Animal Reiki Part 2 AHC Lesson 11 – Crystal Healing AHC Lesson 12 – Bach, Herbs and Tissue Salts AHC Lesson 13 – Aromatherapy AHC Lesson 14 – Spiritual Animal Healer’s Program AHC Lesson 21 – Basic Needs Lesson 15 – SAHP Level 1 Attunement Lesson-16-SAHP-Level-2-Attunement Lesson 17 – SAHP Level 3-Attunement Lesson-18-SAHP-Level-4-Attunement Lesson-19-SAHP-Level-5-Attunement Lesson 20 – SAHP Level 6-Attunement Resources Mock Exam Final Exam Order Your Certificate

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The Animal Care

The Animal Care

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The leading learning platform for animal lovers worldwide. Our extensive library of accredited courses covers a range of topics, like- veterinary training, pet training, grooming, first aid, nutrition and equine behaviour. Whether you want to fast track your career as a qualified veterinary assistant or need expert guidance on how to care for your exotic fish, we’ve got the perfect program for you. Our Mission We are dedicated to educating animal lovers across the world, training a community of like-minded learners to provide the best care for their two and four-legged friends. We know how rewarding working with animals can be, and our flexible training courses will provide you with the fundamental skills, knowledge and expertise to kickstart your career. Our Vision After completing our courses, our learners receive a certificate that is recognised in the UK and internationally. The certification proves that our learners have successfully completed our course and have gained the knowledge to work in the relevant sector. We love animals and want to create a better world where all animals are cared for and loved. We work towards creating a future where people know how to take care of animals and their beloved pets.


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