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Communication Skills Certificate

Communication Skills Certificate

New Skills Academy | مستوي 1

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Communication Skills Certificate In this course, you will learn how to sharpen your communication skills and how to use them to positive effect in the workplace. You will learn why communication skills are so important, and the factors that influence how well others will respond to your message. You will consider barriers to communication and how to overcome them when interacting with those from your own culture and those of other backgrounds. You will consider the role of verbal and non-verbal communication throughout the course. You will learn: The definition and purpose of high impact communication, and why it is a highly valued skill. How to undertake a personal audit and understand your own communication style. How you can communicate to make a positive impression and get noticed at work. How you can make a positive impact at all levels within an organisation. How to develop the right kind of environment to facilitate high impact communication. How to put people at ease within seconds of meeting them. How to quickly establish rapport and build a sense of connection. How to use effective opening remarks and “icebreakers” helping others feel comfortable. How to detect barriers to communication between yourself and other people. How to remove communication barriers and deepen the relationship. The power of body language in high impact communication. How you can make use of multiple sensory channels when communicating with others. How you can take practical steps to overcome your personal insecurities and fears. How you can use body language to overcome the objections of others and negotiate successfully. How to emphasise your message using high impact body language. How you can invoke the past, present and future to build your message via storytelling and how to structure a message so that others feel inspired by your words. How to use metaphor in high impact communication in both written and spoken formats. How to ask questions that make people think, reflect, and give you the answers you need. How to gain the confidence of others and encourage them to believe in you. How to elicit and respond to positive and negative feedback and why negative feedback can be more valuable than praise. How to deal with negative or unresponsive individuals in a constructive manner, and to identify workplace bullying. How to understand another person’s position through active listening techniques. How to make a positive impact, elicit action from others, and maintain momentum when encouraging other people to change. How to reinforce your message across multiple channels. How to undertake further personal development and grow your communication skills, becoming an asset to your organisation in the process.

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New Skills Academy

New Skills Academy

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