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Do you want to start a career in the Copyediting Training or learn more about it? This Copyediting Training course is designed by industry experts so that it assists you to have a better understanding of Copyediting Training. This Copyediting Training training has covered all the latest topics to keep you better prepared for your Copyediting Training. Enroll now for a successful Copyediting Training career! This close protection training offers Free Time Management Course Free Certificate Lifetime Access This course is ideal for: Students Job seekers Teachers Copyediting Training Course Curriculum Lecture 1: Reading as a Job Oh, Yes Lecture 2: So, what does a Copyeditor do? Lecture 3: Getting to Know the Writing Process Lecture 4: Writing Sentences Lecture 5: Keeping Out of awkward Sentences Lecture 6: Sentence Variety Creation Lecture 7: Paragraph elaboration Lecture 8: Making Use of Transitions Lecture 9: Developing a Writing Style Lecture-10 Turning Passive Verbs into Active Verbs Lecture 11: Ensure that the subjects and verbs agree Lecture 12: Ensure that nouns and pronouns agree Lecture 13: Making Use of Modifiers Lecture 14: Checking Spelling and Capitalisation Lecture 15: Punctuating Sentences Lecture 16: Using Commas Lecture 17: Constructing Sentences with Semicolons and Colon Lecture 18: Plurals and Possessives with Apostrophes Lecture 19: Quotation Marks: When to Use Them Lecture 20: How to use Ellipses, Hyphens, and Diacritical Marks Lecture 21: Identifying and Correcting Misunderstood Terms and Cliches Lecture 22: Copyediting Success Factors

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