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Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management

Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management

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Hospitality Management Certificate of achievement in Hospitality Management Level 7. Additional CPD Accredited Certificate with 130 CPD points available with no extra study. Endorsed Certificate form Certificate of this amazing Catering Management program, the learner will be transformed with effective, proactive, efficient and innovative processes of hospitality, engineering & security, front office and back desk operations, Hospitality Management, quality management, training and development, food and beverage operations, recruitment & selection, marketing and advertising, interdepartmental communications and accounting in Hospitality Management. By enrolling in this Hospitality Management course, the learner will enjoy multiple benefits including 100% self-paced program without any imposed time restrictions or deadlines from your tutor. From the start to finish of this Catering & Hotel Management course, the learner will be assured of having full access to the course materials, create their own time schedule, enjoy ongoing tutor support. This Hospitality Management is a great program for you- because it will help in boosting your curriculum vitae, and developing your leadership capacity in the hospitality management field. The one-off payment you make takes care of your training, course materials, consistent tutor support, and supporting documentations. You won’t be constrained to make any additional expense till your graduation. Unit 1 Hospitality Industry An Overview This Unit covers the following Key topics: What is Hospitality? Characteristics of the Hospitality Industry Scope of the Hospitality Industry Career Prospect of the Hospitality Industry The Accommodation Sector Hotels and Their Classifications Modes of Hotel Management Hotel Departments Organization of Hotel Departments and Their Functions Plus much more Unit 2 Front Office Operations in Hotel and Hospitality Management. This Unit covers the following Key topics: Front Office Functions Front-of-the-House Operations Back-of-the - House Operations Front Office: Organisational Structure The Function of the Front Office Manager The Art of Supervising The Reservation’s Office Types of Reservation System Managing Reservations Front Office Accounting The Electronic Front Office (EFO) Plus much more Unit 3 Housekeeping Engineering and Security This Unit covers the following Key topics: Housekeeping Organisation of Housekeeping Department The Functions Of the Housekeeping Department Management of Guest Amenities Room Status Codes Managerial Styles Responsibilities of the Front Office Employee Safety Programmes Plus much more Unit 4 Recruitment and Selection in Hospitality Industry This Unit covers the following Key topics: Flexible Employees The Importance of Planning Ahead Describing the Job to be done Describing the Ideal Recruit Attracting Candidates Advertising One-to-One Interview Two or more Interviewers Selection Interviews Prior to the Interview During the Interview After the Interview New Employee Induction Programmes On the First Day of Work Plus much more Unit 5 Training and Development in the Hospitality Industry This Unit covers the following Key topics: The Benefits of Training Identifying Training Needs The Training Plan Carry Out the Training Programme Developing a Training Programme Preparing Step-by-Step Procedures Management Concepts Commercial Videos Distance Learning Administering a Training Programme Plus much more Unit 6 The Travel and Tourism System This Unit covers the following Key topics: Organisers and Retailers Tour Operators Retailers Travel Management Services MICE Organizers Transportation Companies Secrecy The Risks and Responsibilities Choosing Foreign Tour Operators Information Technology and The Travel Trade Consumer Protection Plus much more Unit 7 Service Quality Management in the Hospitality Industry This Unit covers the following Key topics: Quality Management in Hospitality Industry Hospitality Retail Service Quality The Five Dimensions of Service Quality Management and Hospitality Retail Operations Inspections and Quality Assurance Quality Advisor's Visit Statutory Obligations Quality Management in Tourism Caring For Customers in Tourism Plus much more Unit 8 Marketing Management in Hospitality & Tourism This Unit covers the following Key topics: Special Promotions Other Public Relations Activities Measuring Promotional Effectiveness Marketing Objective and Results Determining and Creating Specific Advertising Message Advertising Decisions Plus much more Unit 9 Managing Interdepartmental Communications This Unit covers the following Key topics: Marketing and Sales Department Housekeeping Department Food and Beverage Department Banquet Department Maintenance or Engineering Department Security Department Human Resources Management Department Plus much more Unit 10 Managing Food and Beverage Operations This Unit covers the following Key topics: Food and Beverage Operations Assessment of Market and Consumer Needs Food Service Operation System Designing the Restaurant Menu Planning Types of Menu Comparison of Different Types of Menus Managing Food Service Operations Purchasing and Pricing Beverage Control Cost Control The Computer Applications in Food and Beverage Services Plus much more Unit 11 Conference and Events Management in Hospitality Industry This Unit covers the following Key topics: Identifying Key Event Elements Getting Organized Budgeting Basics Getting Strict About the Budget Getting the Right People Doing the Right Things Connecting with Partners and Sponsors Getting the Word Out Venue Selection and Managing Contracts Business Etiquette Basics Celebrating Diversity Managing Contracts Gathering Feedback and Closing the Event Closing the Event Plus much more Unit 12 Accounting in Hospitality This Unit covers the following Key topics: Types Of Accounts At The Front Desk Voucher Types of voucher Basic Principles of Accounting Types Of Folios Used In Hotels Ledgers Used At the Front Desk Accounts Which Are Included In City Ledger Assets and Liabilities Profit And Loss Accounts Balance Sheet Budgeting Bank Charges Credit Cards Plus much more Unit 13 Crisis Management in Hospitality & Tourism This Unit covers the following Key topics: Before the Crisis Preparing for the Worst During a Crisis Minimising Damage in a Crisis Restoring Tourist Confidence Plus much more

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