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Estate Agent Diploma Level 3

Estate Agent Diploma Level 3

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Learn to manage, administer and sell property owned by another party or entity with the Estate Agent Diploma Level 3 course. The course is designed to equip you with all the essential information about the real estate industry. At first, this estate agent course explains about estate agent and their roles and responsibilities. You will explore the history of real estate agents along with the different types of real estate management. After that, the course guides you on how to find the clients, and understand their needs and requirements. The strategies of selling properties, property valuations, planning, negotiation techniques, etc. will be discussed in the course. Then, the course illustrates the process of sales progression, using technologies such as photographs, videos, and more. Next, the course covers everything you need to know about investment property describing the buyers of investment property, managing investment properties, and the legal aspects of investment properties. Finally, you will learn how to manage the property and know about the rules and regulations of the Estate Agents Act 1979. To sum up, you will master all the essential areas that you should know while dealing with property. Course Curriculum: Estate Agent Being an Agent Legal System & Real Estate UK Recommended Reading

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