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Event Management Advanced Diploma Level 5

Event Management Advanced Diploma Level 5

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Event Management Advanced Diploma Level 5 Endorsed Event Management Certificate of Achievement. This Event Management is an intensive program that will mentor, inspire, equip and train learners with relevant tips, skills, talents, and knowledge they need to be highly efficient and relevant in the field of Event Event Management is the right course if you have ever wanted to pursue a career in this industry. Also, if you are already in this field, but lack the requisite skills to function effectively, then enrolling for this Event Management course will make a huge difference. There is a high demand of efficient, credible and professional event managers in different parts of the world especially, Africa, Asia, Europe, and America. Thus, if you are equipped with relevant skills, talents, and knowledge needed in this field, you will truly advance to the next level of excellence. EVENT MANAGEMENT - DIPLOMA We have dedicated, professional and globally acclaimed tutors with Event Management course materials that correspond to the current demands and trends. All this will ensure you have a great time studying in our learning platform. During this Event Management course, learners will be exposed to the worlds of event planning, the event planning process, types of event, credible steps in planning events, marketing and effective customer service, contingency planning, starting and running the business, evaluating events etc. Our dream is to bring out the best in you and make you become a highly sought after Event Management professional for the clients or organizations you will work with. Our well-crafted course materials, supporting documents, and full tutor support will ensure you get optimal value for your money. Description Event Management Advanced Diploma Level 5 Event Management - Course Benefits By enrolling for this Event Management course, learners will enjoy multiple benefits such as: Opportunity to study at their specific time, location and create their study schedule. Provision of all the relevant course materials, supporting documents, lecture notes, case studies, online assessments, theoretical and practical exercises and lots more. 24/7 access to our learning digital platform, reference books, and extensive study aids. Dedicated, ongoing, and convenient tutor support from start to finish. The basic vision of our team is to support you and ensure that you are continually refined and updated with the most educational experience you need to meet up with the current market demands and trends. Opportunity to earn a globally recognized certificate from a great awarding institution. Event Management - Learning Objectives The primary objective of this premier Diploma in Event Management is to provide the learner with a solid theoretical and practical foundation upon which to build an extraordinary life-long career in Event Management. Our event management course focuses exclusively on the most essential skills and knowledge of practical value as an up and coming Event Management professional. Whether looking to secure your first position within the Event Management industry or pursuing promotion as an existing member of the workforce, an accredited Event Management course could make all the difference. With unrivaled event management industry experience and expertise, our tutors are in a unique position to nurture a new generation of Event Management professionals via dynamic distance learning. From the very basics of the international events industry to the fundamentals of event planning to the most advanced management and optimization strategies, the BOLC team will stand by and support you, every step of the way. We are also continually refining and updating our course content, in order to provide learners with the most relevant educational experience in accordance with current market trends and demands. Study Event Management in your own time and at your own pace for a recognized qualification that could transform your career prospects for life. Pursue a career as a junior or senior event manager, activities & event planner, meeting planner, conference planner, exhibition coordinator, convention planner, special events planner, association event planner, event planner/ analysts etc. Enrol for this Event Management - Diploma course today, and we assure you that your life will never remain the same! Event Management - Course Outline Our exclusive Event Management - Diploma is delivered across nine intensive yet accessible module. In order to successfully complete the Event Management course, the modules must be completed in order, along with an assessment at the end of each module. Module 1 - An Introduction to Event Planning Module 2 - Types of Event Module 3 - The Event Planning Process Module 4 - Steps in Planning in Event Module 5 - The Event Management Plan Module 6 - Contingency Planning Module 7 - Marketing and Customer Services Module 8 - Evaluating Events Module 9 - Starting and Running the Business

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