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Management Diploma

Management Diploma

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Certificate of achievement in Management Level 7. Additional CPD Accredited Certificate with 190 CPD points available with no extra study. Endorsed Management Diploma of to take the single most important step in your entire career? Oxford Home Study College is proud to offer this exclusive Diploma in Management to help mould, shape and inspire a new generation of leaders! Stepping into a management position for the first time represents the single most important step in any ongoing career path. However, climbing the ladder from entry-level workforce member to a position of responsibility is never easy. Doing so means first proving yourself as a figure of leadership and authority. A reliable and capable professional who can be turned to for guidance, delegation and direction. Fulfilling a management position means taking on significant responsibility. Organisations at every level are fundamentally dependent on effective management teams to drive key operations and the workforce as a whole. Nevertheless, to succeed in management is to become the single most valuable and prestigious professional commodity. Whether pursuing your first professional position or interested in climbing the career ladder as an existing member of the workforce, our highest-level Diploma in Management could make all the difference. Build the targeted skills, talents, knowledge and confidence it takes to become a successful leader and watch your career prospects expand and improve like never before. If looking to stand out from the crowd and take those critical first steps towards the career in leadership you’ve always dreamed of, earning an internationally-recognised qualification could prove invaluable. Explore an endless range of extraordinary career options at home and abroad with this advanced-level Diploma in Management. Management - Learning Objectives This outstanding Diploma in Management has been designed for those looking to enhance existing careers, or take their first steps into supervisory positions. Standing out from the crowd as a prime candidate for a leadership position means demonstrating potential and commitment in equally high measures. The content of this course helps lay the strongest foundation upon which to build a fulfilling career for life. By familiarizing learners with the specific skills, competencies and managerial concepts it takes to perform as an effective leader, every candidate is given the opportunity to take their career to the highest possible level. Over the course of nine intensive modules, candidates are provided with a comprehensive overview of contemporary management roles, responsibilities and associated challenges. Course content introduces the traits and characteristics of an effective leader, along with the importance of continuous improvement, advanced time management skills, conflict-resolution and workload-balancing. A fundamental introduction to corporate risk management and project management is also included in this insightful Management Diploma. Ultimately, successful candidates will benefit from the specialist knowledge and insights required to pursue high-level supervisory and management positions in any contemporary sector. Management - Course Outline This intensive yet digestible Diploma in Management is delivered across nine modules – each concluding with an online assessment to verify your acquired knowledge and competencies. Your assigned tutor will provide you with comprehensive support at all times, in order to assist with your successful completion of each unit. Module 1 - Understanding Management and Leadership key topics: Leadership Styles Understanding Your Comfort Zone Managing Performance Module 2 - Improving Management and leadership Performance key topics: Achieving Personal Mastery Your Personal Vision Achieving a Shared Vision Module 3 - Managing Resources key topics: Introduction to Business Environment Types of Businesses and Their Ownership Importance of Business Environment Module 4 - How to Manage Anger and Violence in the Workplace Course key topics: An Introduction Developing a Policy and Program for Workplace Violence Module 5 - Performance Management key topics: Introduction Areas of Interest in Performance Management Module 6 - Principles of Project Management key topics: Initiation Strategic Plan Product Description Module 7 - Succession Planning The module covers the following topics: Defining a Succession Plan Components of the Plan Module 8 - Overcoming the Generation Gap at Workplace key topics: Workplace Generation Gap: A History and Understanding Overcoming the Generation Gap at Workplaces Module 9 - Change Management key topics: Key Factors in Successful Change Time Management Tips and Tricks Module 10 - Time Management This module covers the following topics: Prioritising your Time The Power of a Change Module 11 - Conflict Management This module covers the following topics: Understanding Conflicts and Its Types Different Stages of Conflict Module 12 - Stress Management This module covers the following topics: Understanding Stress Strategies to Manage stress Module 13 - Anger Management key topics: What is Anger? The Costs of Anger Module 14 - Crisis Management key topics: What is Crisis Management? Conducting the Crisis Audit? Module 15 - Managing Meetings and Giving Feedback key topics: Managing Meetings Presentation Tips Module 16 - Communication Techniques for the workplace key topics: Communication Styles Dichotomies in Theory Module 17 - Developing a Policy and Program for Workplace Violence key topics: An Introduction Developing a Policy and Program for Workplace Violence Module 18 - Risk Management key topics: Planning for Risk Management Referring to the Project Charter Module 19 - Managing Your First Impression key topics: Make Eye Contact Dressing for Success

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