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Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Server

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Microsoft SQL Server is a Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) used to store and retrieve data requested by other applications. The course is to excel the skills in database and learn the performance of Microsoft SQL Server for delivering fast data insights that drive business transformation. Through the SQL Server course, you will be learning all necessary skills in storage scenarios and real-world data collection. Dive into expert-authored courses and a vast function that covers every essential part for a SQL programmer. What you will Learn? SQL Overview Outlining SQL as the cornerstone of database activity Introduction to RDBMS Describing the fundamental building blocks: tables, columns, primary keys and foreign keys Building the Database Schema Creating tables and columns· Building tables with CREATE TABLE Modifying table structure with ALTER TABLE Adding columns to an existing table Removing tables with DROP TABLE Protecting data integrity with constraints Guaranteeing uniqueness with primary key constraints Enforcing integrity with foreign key constraints Imposing business rules with check constraints Enabling and disabling constraints Removing constraints with ALTER TABLE. Improving performance with indexes Manipulating Data Modifying table contents Adding table rows with INSERT Changing row content with UPDATE Removing rows with DELETE Applying transactions Atomic Consistent Isolated Durable (ACID) rules Controlling transactions with COMMIT and ROLLBACK Writing Single Table Queries Retrieving data with SELECT Restricting rows with the WHERE filter Sorting the result with ORDER BY Handling NULL values in expressions Avoiding NULL value pitfalls in filter conditions Querying Multiple Tables Applying the ANSI/ISO standard join syntax Matching related rows with INNER JOIN Including non matched rows with OUTER JOIN Creating a Cartesian product with CROSS JOIN Combining results with set operators Stacking results with UNION Identifying matching rows with INTERSECT Employing Functions in Data Retrieval Summarizing data using SUM, AVG and COUNT Finding the highest/lowest values with MAX and MIN Defining the summary level with GROUP BY Applying filter conditions with HAVING Constructing Nested Queries Applying subqueries in filter conditions Correlated vs. noncorrelated subqueries Testing the existence of rows Including subqueries in expressions Placing subqueries in the column list Creating complex expressions containing subqueries Developing In-Line and Stored Views Stored Procedures Selecting data from a query result set Subqueries in the FROM clause Creating views in a database Building reusable code Updateable vs. non-updateable views For whom is the course for? This course is suitable for Web Programmers Software Developers Database Administrators Web Designers Business Analysts Pre-requisites: You don’t need any specific knowledge to learn SQL Server, Basic knowledge of computer is all you need to get started.

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