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Natural Medication for Dog Health

Natural Medication for Dog Health

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Course Overview Does your dog suffer from arthritis, allergies or anxiety? In this course, you’ll learn how to naturally medicate your dog to alleviate ailments without having to pay extortionate prices for treatment. You’ll discover the healing power of herbs and all the wonderful remedies that will restore your dog’s health in no time! This natural medicine for dogs course introduces a range of homoeopathic remedies for dogs, including aromatherapy and the use of Bach flowers. You’ll learn which remedies are best for your dog, how to select the right herbs, where to purchase your herbs, and much more. You’ll also find tips on how to find a local homoeopathic/holistic vet near you. Whether you are looking to become a holistic vet yourself, or are interested in learning some effective natural remedies for holistic health in canines, enrol in this course today and learn how to create a natural first aid kit specifically for your dog! Assessment After completing all the modules of the course, your learning will be assessed by an automated multiple-choice question exam. You can participate in the Mock Exam prior to commencing the course completion Final Exam. Requirements The CPD Accredited Natural Medication for Dog Health course is perfectly optimised for all devices. Whether you are using a MAC or Windows PC, smartphone or tablet, you can get the same experience while learning. You can also complete your learning from any location. This course requires an internet connection. If you have a dog, then this course will provide you with the best result. You will get a better understanding of different common disorders and their remedies using natural medication. As a dog owner, you need to know these facts to improve your dog’s health using natural medicine. Career Path After completing this course, you will be able to enter the relevant job market. CPD Accredited Natural Medication will equip you with all the important skills and knowledge required to succeed in this sector. This course is CPD accredited. You will be able to add this qualification to your CV and resume to get your dream job. Course Curriculum Meet Me And 'The Boys' This Is Where It All This Is What You'll Get From This Course Important - Please Read This The Power Of Herbs - Top 10 Herbs For Dogs Homoeopathic Remedies For Dogs Aromatherapy Remedies For Dogs Bach Flowers For Dogs Additional Goodies For Dogs Natural First Aid Kit For Dogs How To Create Your Natural First Aid Kit Specifically For Your Dog Finding A Local Homeopathic/Holistic Vet Near You Resources Bonus Section Mock Exam Final Exam Order Your Certificate

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The Animal Care

The Animal Care

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