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Operations Management

Operations Management

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Operations Management - Level 7 Diploma Certificate of achievement in Operations Management Level 7. Additional CPD Accredited Certificate with 200 CPD points available with no extra study. Study Operations Management Level 7 course for the opportunity to earn an endorsed Diploma of Achievement. Boost your business management acumen and build towards a successful career for life, with this exclusive Level 7 Operations Management Diploma! Discover what makes operations management such a relevant field across all industries and sectors, as you work your way towards an endorsed diploma from a recognised awarding body! Operations management concerns the planning and implementation of practices to take organisational efficiency to the highest possible level. It encompasses a variety of processes which oversee the conversion of labour and materials into profitable goods and services. At its heart, operations management strives to balance revenues with costs to achieve the highest possible net profits for the ;Operations management teams are responsible for deploying and effectively utilising human resources, raw materials, technology and equipment in the pursuit of predetermined goals. In order to achieve their objectives, operations managers require a detailed understanding of the organisation, its processes and pressures from internal and external sources alike. From risk management to quality control to inventory and supply chain management, operations management touches upon every key process and department across the business. A critical managerial field for the successful organisation, operations managers enjoy dynamic careers with limitless employment opportunities worldwide. This Level 7 Operations Management Diploma is the most advanced specialist OM programme we’ve introduced to date. Get to know the duties and responsibilities of key operations management personnel, for the chance to earn an endorsed Level 7 Operations Management Diploma! Study in your own time at a pace that suits you, with expert tutor support provided throughout. Study the art of effective process management, essential inventory and supply chain management, strategies for successful project management and the importance of proactive risk management. Build the skills, knowledge and confidence you’ll need to pursue a rewarding career in the field! Enrolment is open 365 days a year, so there’s no better time to get started than right now! Sign up online and start working on your Level 7 Operations Management Diploma today. Benefits As a champion of affordable and accessible education for ambitious candidates, we impose no entry-requirements and no ; Learning Objectives The field of operations management concerns the development, implementation and supervision of procedures and measures to enhance an organisation’s performance and profitability. Operations management studies are designed for ambitious candidates proactively seeking the tools, resources and insights needed to become the best managers they can be. This exclusive Level 7 Operations Management Diploma has been designed to provide all three. By examining the field of operations management at an advanced level, candidates are primed to confidently pursue rewarding careers in the field. Ideal for newcomers and existing management personnel alike, this engaging course is open career-focused candidates from all backgrounds. Whatever your professional experience to date, an endorsed Level 7 Operations Management Diploma could take your employment prospects to the next level. Likewise, business owners and anyone considering entrepreneurship opportunities could benefit enormously from enhanced operations management acumen. Outline This Level 7 Operations Management Diploma has been designed to cover a broad variety of subjects of relevance to the field of OM. Each of the 20 course units concludes with an online assessment, which your assigned tutor will return with constructive feedback. Operations management topics and concepts covered in the course are as follows: Unit 1 what is Operations Management? key topics: Introduction Types of Operations Practical Application Key Reports Unit 2 Process Management key topics: What is Business Analysis? Business Process Re-Engineering Model The Business Process Life Cycle Unit 3 Supply Chain Management key topics: The Structure of a Supply Chain Benefits of Supply Chains Unit 4 Planning & Sourcing Operations key topics: Forecasting Methods Aggregate Planning Product Pricing (Plan) Unit 5 - Talent Management key topics: Talent Development within an Organization Role of Communication in TM Unit 6 Procurement Operations key topics: Purchasing and Procurement Importance of Procurement Unit 7 Manufacturing & Delivery Operations key topics: Production Scheduling Facility Management Unit 8 - Succession Planning key topics: Elements of a Succession Plan Development of a Succession Plan Unit 9 Project Management key topics: What is Project Management? Project Life Cylce Unit 10 - Quality Management key topics: Introduction Determining the Quality Policy Unit 11 - Creative Thinking and Innovation key topics: Understanding Creativity and Innovation Encouraging Creativity in a Team Unit 12 - Communication Skills key topics: Active Listening Reading Cues Unit 13 - Negotiation Techniques key topics: Handling Objections Closing the Sale Unit 14 - Change Management key topics: Key Factors in Successful Change Time Management Tips and Tricks Unit 15 - Administrative Skills key topics: Importance of Business Environment Business Ethics Unit 16 - Conflict Management key topics: What Is Conflict Preventing Problems Unit 17 - Stress Management key topics: Understanding Stress Unit 18- Business Ethics for the Office key topics: Introduction to Business Ethics Philosophical Approaches to Ethics Unit 19 - Business Etiquette key topics: Introduction to Business Etiquette Proper ways for Business Dining Unit 20- Risk Management key topics: Introduction To Risk Management Identifying Risks Creating Risk Categories

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