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Teaching Assistant Certificate Level 2

Teaching Assistant Certificate Level 2

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Are you interested in teaching and different teaching jobs? This course has been designed for both new and current teaching assistant. Teaching assistants are responsible to work under the direction of the class teacher and to support pupils in learning. To become a skilled teaching assistant, Teaching Assistant Certificate Level 2 will provide you with the necessary skills, knowledge and relevant information to improve your skills for career development. Besides, the course includes fundamentals of teaching such as understanding the development of children and young person, communication and professional relationships with pupils and their parents or guardians, safeguarding the welfare of children and various teaching methodologies. The course gives you tips on good literacy and numeracy skills, as well as creative ideas for classroom activities. By the end of this course, you will be learn how to work closely with co-workers and to make sure pupils understand the lesson and enjoy learning in a safe and caring environment. Fundamentals of Teaching Understanding the Development of Children and Young Person Communication and Professional Relationships with Pupils and Family Safeguarding the Welfare of Children and Young Person Teaching Methodologies​​​​​​​ Chapter (i) Chapter (ii) Chapter (iii) Chapter (iv) Chapter (v) Chapter (vi) Chapter (vii) Chapter (viii) Chapter (ix) Chapter (x) Chapter (xi) Chapter (xii) Chapter (xiii) Chapter (xiv) Chapter (xv)​​​​​​​ SEN Teaching​​​​​​​ Introduction to Special Educational Needs (SEN) Understand Constructivism in the Classroom and know your role as a teacher SEN Code of Practice Get an understanding on SENCO Classroom Management Strategies for Children with Special Needs Physical Difficulties, Sensory Difficulties, Cognitive Impairments of Pupils How to Deal with Pupils with Autism Understanding Learning Difficulties Anger Management Methods for Pupils With Special Needs Teaching Children with Down Syndrome Conclusion SEN​​​​​​​

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