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Understanding IATA DGR (Dangerous Goods Regulations)

Understanding IATA DGR (Dangerous Goods Regulations)

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Dangerous goods offer various types of hazards in handling, storing, transporting and even packing. However, they can still be transported by air in a very safe manner provided certain precautions are taken and procedures are followed very strictly in accordance with principles laid down by IATA. This course will make the students aware of the legal requirements, operational restrictions, packaging instructions, marking, labelling and documentation regulations related to the transport of dangerous goods. Students will also gain the skills to accept, handle and process shipments containing dangerous goods. However it is to be noted that this course has references to mandatory IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations manual and it has to be done along with it. Learning Outcomes: After completing this course, you should be able to: Apply IATA DGR correctly Apply regulations to identify, pack, mark, label and document Dangerous Goods Differentiate between Shipper's and Operator's Responsibilities Identify Dangerous Goods which are forbidden, permitted as Cargo under regulations and excepted from regulation in all or in parts. Identify classes and sub classes of Dangerous Goods Ensure the proper packing compliance under regulations Complete Shipper's Declaration of Dangerous Goods Properly fill in the necessary information in Airway Bill Perform the responsibility involved in accepting, storing, loading and inspecting Dangerous Goods Understand the legal responsibility involved with the transport of Dangerous Goods Course Outline: Introduction to Dangerous Goods IATA DGR Dangerous Goods Classes & Divisions Identification Packing Requirements Marking of UN Specification Packaging Marking & Labelling Documentation Radioactive Material State & Operator Variations Acceptance Excepted & Limited Quantities Storage & Loading Provision of Information Dangerous Goods Emergency Response

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Trade-wings Institute of Management

Trade-wings Institute of Management

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Way back in 1989, Trade-wings Limited, one of the pioneers in the field of Travel and Tourism industry, had conceived the idea of conducting professional courses in the field of Travel, Tourism & Hospitality. This idea took shape in the form of an institute of Management and established formal educational programs to prepare students for careers in the Travel, Tourism, Cargo & Hospitality fields to create professionally trained manpower to meet the ever increasing needs of the industry. This institute, termed as “Trade-wings Institute of Management”, went on to become the largest institute of its kind in India with over 60 learning centers and popularly came to be known as TIM, in the student’s community. TIM received a boost with IATA / UFTAA authorization which came in 1993. TIM was well received by the Travel, Tourism & Hospitality industry and many of its students were employed in various areas of the industry, not only in India but even in Middle East, North America, Europe & Far East. Today, Over 50,000 of TIM students are working for various Travel Agencies, Tour Operators, Airlines, Hotels, Airline Revenue Accounting companies and Tourism organizations all over India and worldwide. TIM has regular interaction with the industry through various forums & associations of the industry in which TIM is well established as an active member. TIM is also helping industry associations like TAAI to standardize the training for Travel Agency staff. Why Choose Us We provide professional and practical courses in Aviation, Travel, Tourism, Hospitality, Air Cargo & Logistics which meet industry standards.


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